Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God

Fresh Vision for the Hopeful Homemaker

By Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald

Have you struggled to reconcile God’s vision of virtuous womanhood with worldly myths that marginalize and mock the role of the homemaker? Do you wrestle with cultural messages that demean the homemaker’s calling and exalt instead the emotionally androgynous power-woman—the wife whose worth is measured only by the degree of her ambition, the shape of her body, or her money-making skills? Such is the image of the “desperate housewife” that the modern media, culture, and feminism are promoting with great energy.

In a delightfully fresh and honest way, this book addresses these issues head-on and provides fresh vision for the hopeful homemaker. Hear a former “Christian” feminist share how she went from a die-hard homemaker-in-training to a dedicated career woman and then back again—after God gripped her heart. See the hollow counterfeit of whitewashed feminism and “me-ology” destroyed. And consider the beautiful picture painted in Scripture of the truly fulfilled homemaker who glories in the hopeful calling God created for her.

Pull up a chair, dust off the cookie crumbs, and join Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald as they lay aside stereotypes like the “Stepford wife” and dispel such myths as the 1950s “perfect homemaker.” Laughter and tears will flow, and hopefully you will be infused with a renewed vision for victory as a wife and mother. Discover what it means to be a passionate housewife “desperate” for God alone! Paperback. Approx. 200 pgs. $16 Pre-Order Today

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"Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God is an exceptionally well written book. Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald do not pretend to be the perfect wives, mothers, and homemakers; but they do have a heart for God and His glory. Both of them see the role of the wife and mother as God’s high and holy calling and they exhort us through Scripture and practical examples to, by God’s grace, fulfill that calling. This book will make you think, will convict you, and will, as the subtitle states, give you a 'fresh vision for the Hopeful Homemaker.' I highly recommend this book." Martha Peace, Biblical Counselor and author of The Excellent Wife.

"As a mother of eight, I am encouraged to see this book published, to help women who desire to walk as passionate servants, who want to “do the right thing,” and who love the natural yearnings which God created in them. We all have a longing to create, cultivate, and faithfully nurture the gifts God has given us. When the gifts come in the form of family, we would do well to listen to the biblical wisdom of Stacy and Jennie, to counteract the western culture’s strident cry for self-assertion.I gladly recommend this book for all women who want to honor Him and help others (even a two-year-old!) to glorify Him, by dying to self with joy and thanksgiving. He is worthy of our efforts and these two authors cheer us on to biblical femininity." —Valerie Shepard, Wife of Pastor Walt Shepard and Daughter of Elisabeth Elliot

“Jennie Chancey and Stacy MacDonald have spoken the Truth with a capital T in their wonderful book Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God. Totally grounded in Scripture, this book winsomely presents the true picture of a godly homemaker. Prepare to be stimulated, challenged, and encouraged as a woman. This book is a real gem!” —Vickie Farris, wife of Michael Farris, founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association

Hope! Hope! Hope! This book gives hope to Christian women who desire a Christ-centered vocation of victory as wife, mother, homemaker, and woman of God. Jennie and Stacy expose the fraud of Christian feminism and provide practical wisdom for all who aspire to be women of God.” —Beall Phillips, Wife of Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum

“Jesus came that we might have life abundant. Passionate Housewives reminds us where we might find that life: in submitting to our husbands, in serving our children through loving and training them, and in believing the Word of God.” —Denise Sproul, Wife of Pastor R.C. Sproul Jr.

“In an age of constant confusion and conflict over the role of women, Passionate Housewives provides a clear-cut message of biblical encouragement and hope for every woman who truly desires to glorify the Lord as a wife, mother, and homemaker.” —Crystal Paine, wife of Jesse Paine and founder of BiblicalWomanhood.com.

Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God challenges women to enthusiastically embrace our high calling—that of wife & mother. Be encouraged as Jennie and Stacy reveal God’s truth and expose the lies that lead to disillusionment. May you come away empowered by God’s grace to love and honor your husband and to joyfully lead your children by example to love God and serve others.” —Michelle Duggar, wife of Jim Bob Duggar, whose family story has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “Raising 16 Children”

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