A Review from Christin...

Christin from As Gold Refined

As I came to a close on this book last night I was a little disappointed - not with the book, just that it was all done!

I can honestly tell you that after the preface and the first chapter, my mindset had already been changed on how I view myself as a mother and wife. I'm not saying I won't ever struggle again with thinking only of myself and what I can get out of life. But, I was so boggled down by other teachings of doing things for myself all the time that I felt like my own family was a burden. This is the same family that God has given me to care for - my number one ministry and for a while it seemed like only something in the way of the things I wanted to do.

I didn't necessarily want to go out and get a career, but I wanted to spend more time on the computer than I should have. I wanted to sit and read a book longer then I should have. I came to a point where I believed it was my "right" and I would get upset when this "time" was interrupted by the very ministry God has entrusted to me!

This book opened my eyes to the Truth of God's Word and it literally set me free. Free from the bondage of my own selfishness, which in turn made me free to love my kids so openly and easily - because it was no longer about me and I saw serving them as a blessing.

I was a bit surprised at how fast my mindset had changed just from reading a few chapters of a book, but I don't think that's what did it. I believe it was the enlightenment of the Truth of God's Word that set my mind free.

Stacy and Jennie use God's Word to break down the walls of lies that even the church feeds us about our role as women - to our husbands, to our children which in turn is our role in creation - what we were created for. No, it's not about being a doormat. It's about obeying God's word and in turn being blessed to use our gifts and talents through our own homes to serve the Lord and serve others.

I highly, highly recommend this book. It enlightens us to the bondage and dangers of feminism and shows us how to regain true femininity. I understand there are people very resistant and negative toward homemaking and being "just a mom", but being a mother and a homemaker are far greater callings then many people realize. There is nothing wasted here - we are pouring into the most important people in our lives - and those who care the most about us.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and be open to what these ladies have to share. We can find joy in serving - but we must be like Christ and deny ourselves to do so. He will equip us and we will reap the benefits.